Terms of Services

Created and updated since 19th of November 2011

This terms of service defines the user (public domain) and the provider of service (site owner).

User first notice.

This site in a very near future will be providing Drupal CMS/CMF (6 and 7+) and Wordpress CMS (3.2 + ) themes or templates. Joomla templates will be made only by request. Templates or themes will be represented in two forms:
  1. Free - Where the user downloads the template as is with no further customisation.
  2. Premium - Where the user in this case, the client pays a considerable fee*1 a-) for an already made customisation as is or b-) by requesting one as such.

User payment methods.

User payments will be accepted by PayPal, MoneyBookers and AlertPay. You pay us only the sum which will be displayed in the templates page. We are not responsible for the fees your bank or one of mentioned service may apply. No hidden fees apply.

Free templates/themes usage.

If a template has no price or by any means results as a notification that is free to download. The user has the right to download and use it as he or she may find it apropriate. Our free licences might be given in a compatibility mode to prevent misusage or misunderstanding of it.

User registration.

User registration may be required for the downloading and buying of free and premium templates/themes. Other uses of the site are open to public for reading and information.

TOS updates

This sites terms of services will be updated time to time until the main services are online. Ozone Themes preserves the right to do so.

Thank You
Ozone Themes 2011

1* = Fees are not yet available.